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Jai Insurance Brokers Private Limited was established on 11th September 2000 by the group of some like-minded professionals. It was incorporated with the objective of working as direct insurance brokers following the guidelines set up by the insurance regulatory and development authority (IRDA).

Who Are We? 

Jai Insurance Brokers Private Limited (JIB) is your one-stop solution for all your insurance problem as we compare insurance plans from top insurance companies in India and suggest you the best insurance policy for you.
We have empanelled ourselves with multiple public and private insurance companies to provide you with the perfect solution. We also have a Composite Broker licence by the IRDA that allows JIB to foray into Reinsurance Broking business with direct booking.

How We Work?

In the portfolio of risk management, JIB plays an integral role as a complete insurance risk solution provider. We are the leading insurance broking companies in India as we are committed to offering quality services to our customers by understanding their needs, requirements and risk profile. Basically, our role encompasses multiple activities right from checking the risk profile to claiming administration for our customers. Our team of professionals each having vast experience in the insurance broking industry in India work hard until you are not satisfied with your insurance policy as we understand the importance of our corporate social responsibility.


What Is Our Aim? 

Our primary aim is to focus on adding more value to our costumers by providing superior services and innovative solutions. We always believe in being an insurance broking company which is ‘Customer Centric.’
The company is dealing with the retails as well as the corporate clients who demand value priced insurance services of all the insurance companies both Public Sector and Private. As a fast growing business enterprise, we have entered the stage of maturity and aim at steady growth and expansion. To accomplish this objective, we are attempting to win prestige, recognition and goodwill in the industry in which we are operating. We are regularly plugging back a part of our profits in infrastructure development of the company for attaining optimum size to avail economies of scale.

JAI Insurance is a customer-oriented organisation which aspires to meet the highest standards of services expected by its clients. We work in partnership with our clients to help them protect their insurable interests so that they can focus on their respective productive areas. Our goal is to safeguard our client’s utmost interest. In doing so, we build a relationship by involving ourselves in all the aspects of the creation of the insurance philosophy and ensure that the client’s insurance position is adequately protected at all times

Jai Insurance Brokers Pvt. Limited is committed to providing the best and appropriate insurance solutions to our valued clients and with a commitment to form long-lasting business relationships.