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If you are searching for the best personal accident insurance policy for you and your family then you are at the right place as here at Jai Brokers Insurance we compare the accident insurance plans from the top insurance companies in  India and suggest you the perfect policy for you.

What Is Accidental Insurance & Why It Is Important? 


Accidental Insurance provides a cover against unfortunate accidents, death, and disablement. Get the best personal accident insurance plan by the leading insurers and get yourself and your family secured. In case of an unfortunate accident, it will provide you with a complete cover against unfortunate accidents and accidental death.
Jai Insurance Brokers (JIB) compare premiums and features of personal accident insurance plans from top insurance companies so that you stay protected from the sudden medical expenses. Buy accidental insurance online and get covered against disability and accidental death with the policy that suits you the best.
Get instant personal accident cover online and lowest premium on personal accident cover. Whether the accident is minor or major, it impacts your life, well being and pocket in money term. To protect you against economic repercussions of having mishappening, a sound insurance policy has become necessary.
We understand that life is precious and we can’t calculate it in a monetary term, but giving some relief to the injured person or his/her family can help in a hard time. Personal accident insurance provides compensation in case of bodily hurts, demise, mutilation or impairment due to an accident.
From minor accident to untimely demise, the accidental insurance policy plays a vital role as a safeguard for you and your family. This policy will protect you against international or national mishappenings.
Followings are the benefits of this insurance policy:
Accidental Death: The advantages under this policy is payable in case of demise due to a mishappening.
Accidental Disability: It refers that a person is wholly or partially disabled.
Accidental Dismemberment: It tells that a body part of the policyholder has been dismembered or severed. It means the policyholder would get claim under dismemberment if he/she loses his hand, leg or eye in an accident.
Few people have taken cover to protect themselves against the risk of personal accidents and the medical complications they entail. Personal accident insurance is an attractive option, not only does it cost less than other insurance policies, but it also covers all accidents. Personal accident policy covers you for one or more of four contingencies in the event of an accident: death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability and temporary total disability.