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Miscellaneous Insurance leads to the contract of insurance except that of Life, Fire and Marine Insurance.
Various insurances come under this category.
1. Buy Personal Accident Insurance Online
This insurance covers the risk of an accident which may be personal accident or illness of individuals. The risk which is insured comprises of the injury caused by accident and injury is of visible means. When a person insured dies then the insurer is liable to pay the sum of money or if injured then medical benefits are provided.
2. Buy Motor Vehicle Insurance Online
When we purchase any vehicle of our choice that might be expensive and if that vehicle meets with an accident then the money which was invested becomes futile. But the solution is getting insured. So you can Purchase Motor Vehicle Online at Jai Insurance Brokers.

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3. Buy Fidelity Insurance Online
In this insurance, the insurer undertakes to give money to the insured person i.e. the employers against the losses suffered by him due to the employees. The loss can include many factors like by fraud, dishonesty, misappropriation of funds, goods or damages to property caused by the employees. Get Fidelity Insurance.
4. Buy Travel Insurance Online
Travel insurance is provided in order to provide protection to individuals who are traveling in foreign countries. It includes risks against loss of baggage, treatment, travel-related accidents.
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